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Virtual Coaching

Everyone moves through a different journey when it comes to health and fitness. Whether you want to, improve your flexibility, build muscle, increase your energy levels, or boost your overall fitness ... you deserve a program that will empower you to achieve those goals.

Discover Your Inner Power

L.I.T. Fitness’s online coaching allows you to learn the ins and outs of strength training and powerlifting from the convenience of your home. For $250 / month, you’ll receive expert coaching tailored to your body, needs and objectives. You’ll learn how to trust your body and expand its capabilities. At L.I.T. Fitness, we help you gain full-body awareness of how strength training and powerlifting feel to you. Speed, intention, movement - each one matters as you work to become the fittest version of yourself.

Skilled Coaches Attuned to Your Needs

Hi! We’re Charles and Eileen, your dedicated, qualified trainers. Our different journeys have helped us find a home through fitness. We aim to deliver premier coaching accessible for anyone. Our holistic approach blends different styles of training to achieve the best outcome for each client. We understand that no singular method suits everybody, so we find what works best for you. Through careful feedback, direction and sincere encouragement, we are here for you every step of the way.

Better Fitness for a Better Life

L.I.T. Fitness’s online coaching welcomes people from all walks of life. We have worked with everyone, from teenagers to older adults and from fitness beginners to athletes. Our coaching sessions will find exercises that lead you to your ultimate goal. Fitness benefits all individuals. Sign up for our online coaching to take the next step in your fitness journey.

Join the L.I.T. Fitness Community

L.I.T. Fitness fosters an inclusive fitness community where everyone feels welcome and celebrated. As you navigate daily life, you deserve time to strengthen your mind and body. Our space allows you to work through uncertainties in order to achieve your fitness goals.

Training That Works For You

When you consult with our trainers, Charles and Eileen, we create an individualized fitness plan specific to your needs. Through our:

Yoga classes;

Strength training

Cardio classes;

Personal training;

and other offerings, you’ll find expert instruction featuring the latest and most effective exercise methods. Explore our training plans and pricing to find the one that works best for you.

Certified Trainers Supporting You

Living your fittest life takes confidence and dedication. Here at L.I.T. Fitness, we care about you. Your wellbeing, motivation, health, happiness - we want to encourage you through every high and low. When you join the L.I.T. Fitness community, you gain trainers and other members who support you when you're down and celebrate victories by your side.

Engage With Our Community

Get to know us before you dive in by following our Instagram and Youtube channel. Our Instagram posts photos and videos of our workouts and progress, tips on form and information about different kinds of fitness. We also rally around community members to applaud them when they reach a fitness goal.

Take the Leap

Ready to take the next step? Reach out to us and join our community today.