VC Plans & Pricing

Weekly Coaching


Most client’s find this option to be very attractive when compared to training with a trainer at a higher-end health club.

  • $ 500
  • Weekly Coaching
    • 1. Weekly program management, we manage every aspect of your program on a week to week basis to ensure you are maximizing effort training.
    • 2. Includes movement coaching, send us footage and we will asses your lift and provide coaching on ways to refine technique and movement assessment, individual movement plan.
    • 3. Easy to use coaching platform to keep track of workouts and progress. Use the client dashboard to upload workout videos, comments, notes, check for updates and find your program.
    • 4. Individualized training plan, nothing left unturned in initial assessment. We look at movement quality, injury history, available equipment, days you want to train, sleep habits, hydration, and other factors. All the info comes together in your training plan specifically for you.
    • 5. 24hr turnaround communication time Monday through Friday.

I’ve been training with Eileen for over two years, and the strength-training regimen has really produced dramatic results. Eileen introduced me to a version that I didn’t know even existed - I recently turned 42 and undoubtedly in better shape than when I turned 30 and more importantly, I am far more stronger than I was in my 20s.

Stephanie L. December 8, 2019

Charles has changed my life! I'm having a blast and look forward to all of my workouts, including the ones I do on my own under Charles' program. I've been able to stay healthy while challenging myself. Charles will push you but also keeps you safe if he notices you're breaking form. My shoulder hasn't been this stable since before my labrum surgery over a decade ago. Baseball throwing velocity and shoulder durability have both improved. We're seeing great results. +23 lbs. of lean mass, -5 lbs. of fat, and counting...

Lester L. November 20, 2019