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Pricing Plans

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  • $ 150
    55 min
  • Single Session
  • Most client’s find this option to be very attractive when compared to training
    with a trainer at a higher-end health club.

    Your personal training session can be done in the convenience of your own
    home or hotel in San Francisco or San Mateo County.

    • (session packages are payable in advance)
    • Add $40 per session for on-site training.
  • $ 1380
    12 sessions (55 min)
  • During the first 30 days you will notice your cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance & strength rapidly increase as your body adapts from an untrained state.
    This is especially the case if you haven’t exercised regularly in a while.

    If improving flexibility was one of your primary goals and you have been working
    on it, expect it to slowly improve. While you will feel like you have more energy and
    are getting in shape, your body composition is likely not to significantly change in
    the first month of training because your body adapts neurologically first.

    • Price p. session– $115
    • (session packages are payable in advance)
    • Add $40 per session for on-site training
    • *Sessions are non-refundable
  • $ 99
    Single class
  • 6 Month Unlimited
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I’ve been training with Eileen for over two years, and the strength-training regimen has really produced dramatic results. Eileen introduced me to a version that I didn’t know even existed - I recently turned 42 and undoubtedly in better shape than when I turned 30 and more importantly, I am far more stronger than I was in my 20s.

Stephanie L. December 8, 2019

Charles has changed my life! I'm having a blast and look forward to all of my workouts, including the ones I do on my own under Charles' program. I've been able to stay healthy while challenging myself. Charles will push you but also keeps you safe if he notices you're breaking form. My shoulder hasn't been this stable since before my labrum surgery over a decade ago. Baseball throwing velocity and shoulder durability have both improved. We're seeing great results. +23 lbs. of lean mass, -5 lbs. of fat, and counting...

Lester L. November 20, 2019