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Personal Training

When it comes to fitness, knowing where to start — or where to pick back up — can be overwhelming. At L.I.T. Fitness, our top priority is helping you achieve your goals. We Lead, Inspire, and Train everyone to become their best. Whether brand new to fitness, looking to deepen your knowledge or advanced and seeking extra motivation, our personal trainers are here for you. We give you the proper techniques to kick-start your success. Experience gradual, long-term improvements to your mental and physical well-being.

Improving Your Quality of Life

We provide services that develop strength and improve health. Powerlifting is not only for competitive lifters. Boosting strength improves quality of life as everyday tasks become easier! We provide top-of-the-line online and on-site coaching. Join us to expand your knowledge and receive expert guidance on enhancing strength, endurance and flexibility.

Proactive Coaching Promotes Lasting Results

Our coaching plans enhance muscle function, manning a better range of motion, prolonged energy and improved strength. You are busy enough; let us handle developing the right routine for you. Just bring your best effort. We do not sell dreams; we help you reach realistic goals. Our passionate and highly experienced team has prepared the most effective methods in fitness. Training you to improve your perspective, form and execution — we teach you how to optimize your exercises. L.I.T. fitness emphasizes healthy habits. We save you time and money by equipping you with what you need to safely thrive in the long run.

Expect Realistic Results

Your body composition is not likely to change in the first month. You will become stronger and more energized. In the initial 30 days, you will adapt neurologically, have improved muscular and cardiovascular endurance, as well as notice your flexibility gradually increasing. You will feel the difference. Results will be more noticeable if you are coming from an untrained state. In the second month of training, people begin to see the difference in their body composition. Flexibility also continues to improve as specific muscles are targeted and stretched. As you maintain discipline and personal responsibility, you will continue to make improvements. However, once you are in better shape, significant changes you see begin to slow. When this happens, we mitigate this by safely intensifying the techniques you use. When you have learned the basics and achieve early goals, we help you change your body. We also offer options for buddy training.

Plans & Pricing - Personal Training

Everyone is different, so we offer plan customization. Some prefer working one-on-one with a trainer. Others prefer bringing at least one friend. Clients also choose if they want to meet virtually or in person. Regardless of your plan, you will receive elite coaching that involves progressive intensity.