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Yoga (Pre- and Post-Natal)

Yoga brings together the limberness and strength of the body with the focus and flexibility of the mind.

On the surface level, you may see yoga as a physical fitness track designed to push you towards a lean, toned and healthy body. While it may help you achieve this goal, yoga’s intentions and benefits stretch far beyond the exterior.

Life is full of peaks and valleys; we have moments of joy and laughter and moments of stress and sadness. Maintaining a balance of mind throughout the variant circumstances of life is one of the most vital skills we can develop. Yoga teaches us to breathe through the physical challenges, testing our mental fortitude as well as our body’s strength and flexibility. We learn to maintain composure, balance and peace through physical duress. These lessons in breathing and balance continue after we leave the room and carry over into our everyday life. Therefore, yoga has the power to transform our minds and attitudes in our days and years, in addition to helping to sculpt a healthy body.

We also specialize in pre- and post-natal yoga, tailoring classes to women in these precious stages of their lives. For pre-natal yoga, specific attention is given to pelvic floor and hip opening exercises while emphasizing comfort and working gently with the body. Post-natal yoga is designed to be restorative and gentle and reacquaint the body with its pre-pregnancy state.

Wherever you are in your life, yoga offers tremendous benefits for the mind, body and spirit. It just might be the perfect form of exercise for you.

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