Tactical Training

Tactical Training a

Tactical Training

Being physically fit is more than just having a body that’s in shape. It’s being in a state of peak performance, of sharp body and mind, to make composed split-second decisions under duress.

In our tactical training, we seek to combine physical strength and endurance with mental fortitude and safe and intelligent firearms capability. We don’t view tactical training as recreation; we see it as an honorable skill to protect yourself, your loved ones and your community, solely in times of serious and dangerous need.

We’ll teach you how to safely handle and use a firearm – rifle or pistol -, move with a gun and effectively aim and shoot. We’ll simulate real world situations in an urban environment where threats may arise. Particular emphasis is given to assessing your surroundings, problem solving, techniques against a human perpetrator and hand-to-hand combat for self defense. We will push you to the limit, testing your stamina, focus and decision-making abilities.

Courses are designed for a variety of experience and comfort levels. From a total beginner to someone with years of experience handling a firearm, our training will challenge you and systematically increase with range as you advance. In order to successfully complete a course and continue on to the next level, students must pass a proficiency test.

If you want to push your body and brain to a new brink and equip yourself with tactical training to protect yourself, your loved ones and your community, these courses are for you.

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