Strength Training

Strength Training a

What does it mean to be strong?

While strength often has the picture of bulging biceps and massive shoulders, we see strength differently. Strength is mastery of the body — pushing and growing your body’s muscular capability in a safe and long-term manner, all while developing mental focus and fortitude. Every individual body is different and reflects strength in a different way, but every person can master their body.

Our strength training is built upon this foundation. We offer coaching for $250/month and work with you to assess your strength goals, isolate your focal areas and push your body to the brink. We meticulously keep track of your performance and use this data to give you a snapshot of your progress. We challenge you, motivate you and test you.

Your age and stage in life are important in determining your training path, and specific attention is given to those over 40 building strength. Certain modifications may be implemented, and the goal as always is long-term and safe muscle building.

What does it mean to be strong? Let us help you find out.

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